Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Another corrupt activity at TISL was exposed

Another corrupt activity at TISL was exposed
May 16, 2017

Senior journalists cum election observers thwarted another sinister attempt by staff members of Transparency International Sri Lanka to robe them of traveling allowance for attending a workshop on Election Monitoring on Monday (15th May) at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute.

The staff led by Manager EU project attempted to obtain signatures of the participants for a travel allowance without mentioning the amount they will be paid. The payment was between Rs.1000 to 1500 and with that amount most of the participants couldn't cover not even the bus fair from their respective hometowns.
When the payment being made to the participants,they observed that payment sheet had not indicated aforesaid amount being paid and refused to accept the  allowance. Senior journalists,who have traveled hundreds of kilometers to attend the workshop then questioned the manager of EU projects who was earlier also accused of ransacking funds whether this is the integrity of the TISL.
Due to the questioning TISL staff had to re arrange the payment sheet to make available the amount of the allowance for the participants. The participants left the workshop in disguise and some of them wowed that they will not take part in the election observing with TISL thereafter. Meanwhile, few others have decided to make a written complaint to the Board of Directors at TISL.
This issue was later taken up at the special members day program organaised by the director board where senior members of TISL Chandra Jayarathna, Mrs. Nelum Gamage, Lasantha de Silva and C. Dodawatta have voice concern over the incident. They asked the management not to compromise the integrity of the organaisation.
They were critical of the amateurish way of conducting programs by the TISL.