What is also pertinent to note is the how complicated the process of impeachment is.

Impeachment proceedings can be initiated only if at least 100 Lok Sabha members or 50 Rajya Sabha members sign a notice to the Speaker. An inquiry committee is then formed and its findings discussed by both the Houses. The impeachment process to succeed requires the vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting.

All these would take considerable amount of time. Justice Karnan, though, is supposed to retire on May 23.

Further, in the case of Karnan, there are also political hurdles given the allegations of caste discrimination he has raised. In such a context, a quick impeachment could have been tough as parliamentarians are bound to debate this aspect as well.

Asked whether sending a judge to jail would be a substitute to impeachment, Chandru said in the current circumstance where time was limited, there was very little the Supreme Court could have done than acting on merits in the contempt case.