Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Compliments to Minister Sagala 

Compliments to Minister Sagala
May 23, 2017
Top officials of the Police Department are highly praising the Minister of Law and Order Sagala Ratnayaka for his straight forward comments made during a recent Conference.
Deputy Inspector Generals and Senior Superintendents of Police were summoned by the IGP for this special conference on May 20 where Minister Ratnayake was invited to address the officers.  
In his brief speech he has said that he has only three points to mention.
“First no one informed me in particular that there will be a special conference where all senior Police officers from all areas of the country are participating. This should have been informed even to the President. Somebody purposely ignored informing me. If an emergency situation arise somewhere in the country who is going to take the responsibility as all who are responsible are seated here in the Conference. Currently there is an emergency situation in Kurunegala where a mob has attacked a mosque. And the second factor I wanted to raise was that the Police received high praise from the Public for implementing the law being unbiased by January 08, 2015. If not for this decision of the Police we will not be in power. Because the Police did their job to the best of their ability the Government came in to power without a blood bath.
Third one is the degradation of such esteem Police Department as we witness today. Currently The Police Department is filled with meditation programs and conferences. The crime rate is in the rise. The current Inspector General of Police is responsible for this. He is a god person. Yet he has no clarity over his priorities. Therefore the entire Police Department is facing chaos.” said Minister Ratnayaka.

Ignoring the Minister’s criticism IGP Jayasundara continued with the conference till 9.40 pm, a full 13 hours, amidst heavy displeasure of the participants.