Friday, May 26, 2017

Govt’s failure would lead to another calamity

May 25, 2017
The JVP Leader Anura Dissanayaka says various elements are creating a situation to arouse communalism and religious disharmony in the country in a bid to push the country towards a Sinhalese – Muslim clash and blamed the government for not taking timely action to curb and control the incidents created by unruly elements during the past few days.
Speaking in parliament yesterday (24th) he said the government, instead of acting fast and nipping the trend in the bud, was displaying a very impotent and ineffectual attitude to the very dangerous issue which would, if not stopped immediately, would push the country towards another bloodbath. He said there are serious doubts in the minds of the general public that the government that is unable to confront the social and economic problems, is making an attempt to use the violent incidents to divert the mounting public displeasure against it.
Mr. Dissanayaka said, “The majority in the country abhor this kind of violence. They do not like to see the country being pushed towards communal disharmony. People have had enough of this problem. Only a small minority contributes to violent activities. They may be instigated and supported by various interested parties. However, it is the duty of the government to act fast and prevent the country being pushed towards another calamity by these groups.”
He said despite there were reports of arson attacks and damages to properties including mosques and shops during the last several days, the government has done nothing to find culprits and to prevent such acts and added that the government has not been able to arrest a single person involved in several incidents of arson carried out against religious places and business establishments.
He also said the government has failed to prevent the deforestation that is taking place in Wilpattu and the destruction of places of archaeological importance in the East. As a result some other organizations making use of the mass anger against such acts have come forward to stage protests and carry out various actions.
He said if the government doesn’t do anything to stop the on-going incidents of communal violence there would be mass uprisings and people would take law into their hands