Tuesday, May 9, 2017

NDB Chief Financial Officer suspended for Whistle Blowing

NDB Chief Financial Officer suspended for Whistle Blowing

May 08, 2017

The Banking and Non Banking sector is reeling after the Secretively shocking suspension of the Chief Financial Officer Fizan Osman of NDB for exposing a racket of the bank’s conduct at the highest levels.

It is over the sale of certain Bank stocks in collusion with a Chairman of a Bank, a key investor and a Chief Executive Officer. 
The Unions allege the Board is like a post box and don't know what is going on. Most Directors’ are cronies of the former regime helped on by the current regime. 

Union’s allege a bribe was paid by the bank to buy shares of another bank. The Chief Financial Officer has been suspended for blowing the whistle too late. 

Recently Ranil’s first cousin a Banker who had to leave Grindlay’s Bank in a hurry Mr. Athukorala was appointed Chairman of the Bank. A parachute according the Union and they accuse him of being totally ineffective, only interested in his perks and his car. 

The Bank slipped even below the Boutique Bank NTB in their performance. The former CEO of the Bank deserted the Bank with his key officials to Cargill’s bank. We are exposing this sorry story of white collar crime in the despositor's intrest.