Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New finding by the well-behaved, disciplined Gnanasara Thera! 

New finding by the well-behaved, disciplined Gnanasara Thera!

May 09, 2017

International media is portraying Buddhists as terrorists in the conflict that Islamists from Bangladesh have created by traveling to Myanmar and murdering Buddhist monks there for many years now.

This is the new face of Islamizing the world by ignoring the history and distorting the truth. The media and NGOs are involved in an anti-Buddhist campaign by using international migrant laws, and it is clear the attempt is aimed at human trafficking and Islamizing the world.
It is a policy of Buddhists to help the helpless. We can agree with that irrespective of religious differences. We have certain issues with regard to the group claiming to be Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim refugees that was arrested in the north and produced before courts recently.
1.    East chief minister’s statement – He opposes the construction of temples even in traditional Buddhist areas in the province, and makes refugees out of Sinhala Buddhists in the east. Without knowing the facts, he is making statements that are racist and religiously-extremist, to protect the Muslim migrants.

2.    Local Muslim leaders and certain international media target Bodu Bala Sena and describe Sri Lanka as a country where Muslims cannot live as they are subjected to harassment by Buddhists. Using this, Muslim leaders obtain international aid and make the country of the Buddhists a destination for Muslim refugees.

3.    We have come to know that this group had not fled Myanmar due to any sudden clash, but that they had fled Bangladesh and arrived in India four years ago and illegally arrived in Sri Lanka in a human trafficking racket. It is clear they were brought here with the intention of keeping them at Wilpattu in Mannar or Batticaloa until they are sent to Australia or some other country.

4.    At present, more than 14,000 such persons are staying in India with the same intention. They will become agents of human trafficking or Islamazing the world.

5.    Had they not been detected by the law enforcement authorities, it is clear what would have happened. They would have been registered as Sri Lankan citizens and settled in the Muslim colonies being built with the destruction of jungles in Mannar or elsewhere in the east.

6.    We suspect that such groups have come to stay in Sri Lanka in the past few years.
7.    When Saudi Arabia, a Muslim country, rejects them, it is ridiculous for their local agents here to shed crocodile tears on their behalf.

8.    It appears that the east chief minister is involved in this human trafficking racket. Intelligence units should look into that.

9.    The government should immediately reject such persons, just like Saudi Arabia and Australia do. Until then, follow what Australia does and detain them safely in some island. More than 1,500 persons who had fled Pakistan and are staying in Negombo should immediately be investigated.

10.    Search operations should take place across the country, especially in the Wilpattu area, and the Navy should be deployed to patrol our seas.