Wednesday, May 10, 2017

SRI LANKA/WORLD: Reconciliation in a country entrenched with multiple discriminations

Justice Denied: A Reality Check on Resettlement, Demilitarization, and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka
By Basil Fernando-May 8, 2017

IN spite of several years of discussions and talks the work towards reconciliation in Sri Lanka has not made much progress. In this paper we will try to look into the problem areas relating to reconciliation in the light of multiple discriminations that are entrenched in Sri Lanka. This is against the usual approach of treating the issue of reconciliation only from a racial point of view that is as a conflict defined by racial relationships between Sinhalese and the Tamils communities. This paper tries to present the larger picture which affects the conflicts in the post independent Sri Lanka and at the moment is causing enormous hardships to all sectors of the population.