Friday, June 9, 2017

Daham Sirisena and Thilina Surangith acting like spoilt Brats

Daham Sirisena and Thilina Surangith acting like spoilt Brats
Jun 08, 2017
President Sirisena's son Daham is no chicken, he has got into two scrapes already one with a DIGs daughter in law and the next at a night club in Colombo.
Both instance the father had to plead for clemency. The boy after each of those events was banished from home by the Father. Daham Sirisena also never completed his studies in the UK. He failed over and over again and then abandoned the degree he was doing.
Thilina Suranjith's background was that he worked in a communication shop in Polonaruwra until he  met the president's daughter Chathurika Sirisena. Thilina Sirisena works as the Defense coordinator for the President. The man goes around with a police car and in a bullet proof BMW or Benz car.
The chronic Daham Sirisena goes with a siren tooting front and back in a bullet proof BMW X 5.
These vehicles are at the tax payers expenses. While no body would deny the President of those requirement. Surely not his useless good for nothing brats.
These brats are like vultures living off the tax payers.This must stop now. Mr President stick to your promises and control your children. They are no better than the Rajapaksa children,