Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Holistic social intervention The crying need for waste management


In an environment where affluent families are dominant, garbage becomes waste though it may then become an important source of income for some of the poor people living in urban areas. It is said that in countries such as Sri Lanka, one per cent of the urban population (that is at least nearly 150,000 people) survive by separating what can be reused from the waste that others dispose of.
In areas like Bloemendhal and Meethotamulla where garbage has been piled up into mountainous heaps, and in areas proposed such as Ekala where garbage is to be re-stacked, some people survive by finding something beneath these mountains of garbage to sell or eat. The people, who go through these garbage mountains are subject to poisoning and toxic smoke and face various kinds of diseases. When considering waste management in any country, the betterment of the lives of such people needs to become part of that management process.