Thursday, June 8, 2017

Who’s this powerful ‘Yahapaalana’ figure having no regard for the law?

Who’s this powerful ‘Yahapaalana’ figure having no regard for the law?
Jun 07, 2017
The picture above was taken last morning (06) at Independence Square in Colombo.
A few years ago, such scenes were commonplace. The powerful figures of the regime at the time and their henchmen used luxury vehicles with the same numbers. But, had a picture of them been taken, the photographer would have gone on his last journey courtesy a white van without a number plate.
People of this country toppled such a despicable government on 08 January 2015. That regime’s wickedness was proven when president Maithripala Sirisena said that he had contested as the common candidate by endangering the lives of his family and that of his own. Had that regime change not taken place, he and thousands of others would have had to lose their lives.
However, doesn’t the picture above prove that the remnants of that despicable regime still remain?
An average person cannot park two luxury jeeps with the same number at the Independence Square frequented by thousands of people. Without a doubt, that was the work of a very powerful figure. The question is – who is that person who behaves so without giving any regard to the laws of the country? Despite its having many shortcomings, the people still appear on behalf of the ‘Yahapaalanya’ because they know how they had to suffer under the previous despicable regime. If its powerful figures disregard the law and behave in this manner, they too, will have to go home very soon.