Thursday, July 13, 2017

JVP claims govt. attempting to cover up corruption

JVP claims govt. attempting to cover up corruption
logoBy Roosindu Peris-July 12, 2017 
 Propaganda Secretary of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), Vijith Herath stated that the government has decided to close down the Anti Corruption Committee Secretariat, to cover up acts of corruption, bribery and theft carried out by the government.

Addressing a media briefing held today (12), he added that many of the politicians in the current government have multiple accusations of corruption and bribery made against them, all of which have been recorded by the secretariat.
Herath further stated that although many of the officials working at the secretariat were condemned for the role they played, including retired CID officers; all parties were willing to put their lives at risk to make sure that their role as workers for the Secretariat was done. 
He went onto say that when the Secretariat, which was the only place in the country to lodge complaints regarding bribery and corruption offences was closed down, they claimed that there were no allegations made against the government, stating that an investigation process was not required. 
Furthermore, Herath stated that the loss of the Secretariat would mean that the FCID would close down in the future as well. 
Herath concluded by adding that while the previous government committed fraud as a family, members of the present government are committing fraud as a group.