Monday, July 3, 2017

PM please ask Suren Ratwatte to leave

PM please ask Suren Ratwatte to leave
- Jul 02, 2017

We have over the last 12 months highlighted many time the way the current CEO Srilankan Airlines, Suren Ratwatte has acted in a very high handed way. He is very often been found guilty of abusing people at the Airline using the four letter word. A board member had even warned him. He has thus far spared no one with his abuse.

His arrogance is largely to due to his bankrupt brother Charitha Ratwatte sitting at the Prime Minister's Office. Whom we have highlighted many times as one person who had singlehandedly destroyed the UNP. Thanks to his high handed action between 2001-2004, the UNP lost power. Senior Ratwatte according to a Deputy Minister had never sighted the UNP headquarters until the UNP got back to power after 12 years in January 2015. A minister who spoke to us told us instead of one Ratwatte we have now been given two Ratwatte's by the Prime Minister, who have now come together to send the UNP home for good.
Suren Ratwatte who has had no managerial experience other than flying planes and flirting with Cabin Crew for 25 years, continues to act in a highly controversial & illegal way, despite being reprimanded repeatedly by the Board. His latest chronic action that is causing concern is that he has taken the Crew Scheduling from the hands of the present Manager Flight Operations, because he has refused to cater to the CEO's whims & fancies by rostering him with a Check Pilot of Rathwatte 's choice. This is in order for him to pass his flying test without an issue. But we understand the Manager Flight 
Operations has stood his ground and refused to change the roster of the Check Pilot to suit CEO Ratwatte. CEO Ratwatte in retaliation has issued an order to handover Crew Scheduling to Head of Human Resources Pradeepa Kekulawela, to marginalize and sideline the Manager Flight Operations, a very good officer. Sources told us that Kekulawala will accommodate every request of the CEO with the roster to help Ratwatte to get through his flying test and operate flights as a Captain, in case he is fired by the government.CEO Ratwatte knows that shifting Crew Scheduling is a clear violation of all Aviation Safety Laws regulated by the ICAO. Sources also say the safety of the National Carrier will be totally compromised from now on, due to CEO Ratwatte's arrogance and ignorance.
Employees of the Airline say this is probably the final nail in the coffin for the bankrupt SriLankan Airlines. If the Prime Minister has any concern for the country, any decency and respect for those who put him into office, he will at least now stand up and ask Ruffian Ratwatte to pack his bags with his elder brother and go back to Dubai and never return. More the Ratwatte's hang around the Prime Minister and the UNP will continue to get very unpopular.