Friday, July 7, 2017

SriLankan the next SITAM, due to inaction from the Govt.

SriLankan the next SITAM, due to inaction from the Govt.SriLankan the next SITAM, due to inaction from the Govt.
Jul 07, 2017

We have over the last few months highlighted many times the highhanded act of the SriLankan Airlines CEO Ratwatte, his lack of experience to run an airline of this magnitude and his deliberate acts to cover up his misconduct. But they continue in office unabated.

Many of the Directors of the airline have also complained to us many times about the conduct of the CEO. They tell us he is like a "bull in a china shop" .  When we inquire why no action is being taken. They tell us that his elder Brother Ratwatte who destroyed the UNP singlehandedly in 2004, is now back to do the same thing. They also tell us they are helpless because the Prime Minister listens to him more than the to the Board and when the CEO is challenged, he says we are following orders from the PM? The CEO had also recently told some pilots " you can't touch me, the PM is in my Brother's pocket". "How are we to check these stories, if true or not from the PM" and "Suren is a thick skinned guy" a director  told us. The Prime Minister is sitting on a time bomb, if he does not act, the President will, and if the President does not, the Srilankan Trade Unions will. They are now planning to rise up like the GMOA against the CEO. The CEO will anyway be history if the unions agitate, the likes of Dr Rajitha Senarathne, General Fonseka and Champaka Ranawaka will certainly force him out, they have had enough with him.
Sorry State of Affairs 
The latest now due to the CEOs inexperience and mismanagement is that the Ailrine has been forced to pay 12,000 USD per day as penalty charges to Interglobe Aviation for the delay of Re-Delivery of its Airbus A320 registered under 4R-ABK which is still lying at the Colombo 747 Hangar. Interglobe Aviation is the next Lessee. This was due to serious maintenance mistakes by SriLankan Engineering and also violating the EASA 145 regulations. As per the sources, SriLankan Airlines is already liable for 62 days which 12,000 USD x 62 and no defined date fixed yet, for the re-delivery.
In another tragic case of mismanagement EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) has decided to suspend it’s approval for SriLankan Airlines due to serious audit finding at SriLankan Airlines. As per our source there were several very serious Level 1 findings which show the Airline has violated the rules set by EASA.
This decision according to a senior Captain will severally affect the Airline, which is already a loss making white elephant.All maintenance activities will now be compelled to be outsourced to nearby countries.  Already 4R-ALA A330-200 Airbus is in Indonesia at the Garuda maintenance facility. SriLankan is paying USD 95,000.00 per aircraft only for Labour charges, excluding material costs. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel for the Airline and the Taxpayers with the current CEO and the Board and sadly due to the inaction of the Prime Minister.