Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kavan Rathnayake’s excesses at Lake House news papers

Kavan Rathnayake’s excesses at Lake House news papers
Aug 03, 2017
Two brothers who are very unpopular with in the current government are Sagala Rathnayake and his brother Kavan Rathnayake.
Both were very close associates of the then Defense Secretary Goabaya. During the Presidential election campaign, the Sirisena camp was warned to be careful of the two brothers given their close connections to Gotabaya Rajapakse.
However once Sirisena won both got into the government and started merry making. Because of Minister Sagala Rathnayke’s closeness to the Prime Minister many UNP parliamentarians have distanced themselves from the UNP leader. He has effectively sidelined most of the Prime Minister’s old hands and got Mahinda Rajapakse’s old hands to take over the Prime Minister’s official residence.
Recently Kavan Rathnayake was moved out of Lake House for mismanaging the media, the lake house media helped to rebuild the Rajapakse’s by giving them adequate publicity.
Instead of sending him home, the Prime Minister sent him to the Tourism Board.  Trade Union members point out that Kavan Rathnayake had been drawing benefits and other privileges to the tune of one million Rupees a month on the guise of consultancy work and assignments.
They have written to the President asking for a full-scale inquiry