Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ravi did resign; when will SB resign?

Ravi did resign; when will SB resign?
- Aug 12, 2017

It was social empowerment, welfare and upcountry heritage minister S.B. Dissanayake who first made the call publicly for Ravi Karunanayake to resign from his ministerial position to facilitate an investigation. Here, Lanka News Web exposes just one among the many frauds SB had committed and which he did not allow investigations to happen.

A wealthy landowner by the name K.C. Nadaraja lived at Hewa Avenue, Colombo 07. He was a grandson of the late crown counsel K.C. Nadesan. A bachelor, Nadaraja died an alcoholic. We mention that because that becomes important later on. From his last will, Nadaraja transferred all his properties to the Colombo Medical College during 2008-09.
The higher education minister at the time was SB. He tried his best to claim this valuable property for himself. Using his powers, he got two of his men to live at Nadaraja’s house. However, Nadaraja’s relatives took the matter to courts, which gave a fair ruling and ordered Cinnamon Garden police to evict SB’s men and provide protection to the house. The OIC there at the time was Kapila Premadasa, now an ASP.
SB, his wife Thamara and Premadasa went to Nadaraja’s house one day. Nadaraja had a hobby of collecting the world’s best whiskies, and he had a very valuable collection, worth around Rs. 10 million, at the house. The trio took this whiskey collection, many antiques and a Prado vehicle owned by Nadaraja. A sergeant stationed for the house’s protection took a note of all the goods that were taken away.
Nadaraja’s relatives complained to the CID about this theft in 2008, but no investigation has been conducted so far, as SB has been able to cover it up through his friends there. After failing to swindle all the properties a gentleman had transferred through his last will to the Medical College, SB robbed part of it in broad daylight, and today holds a ministerial position after coming to parliament on the national list.
We are asking the CID as to what has happened to the investigation? What we ask from SB is what has happened to what he had robbed on that day? We are asking the president as to why the thief SB is not asked to resign for having committed a robbery and covered it up.