Thursday, August 10, 2017

What Right does Sumathipala and Yapa have to ask Ravi K to Resign?

What Right does Sumathipala and Yapa have to ask Ravi K to Resign?
 Aug 09, 2017

Thilanga Sumathipala and Lakshman Yapa are asking Ravi Karunanayake to resign. What right do they have after supporting Mahinda Rajapakse against Sirisena. 

Yapa openly canvassed against Sirisena . These are people who would not have even visited Sirisena if he was put in jail, had he lost. When Rajapaksa lost they shamefully hooked themselves on to the Sirisena Bandwagon. At the General election they both could not come into parliament. Sirisena made the cardinal mistake of bringing them through the national list. They had no value for Mahinda Rajapakse , because they had fared poorly and lost their seats. 
What has this government done for nearly 3 years to prosecute the murderers of Ruggerite Thagudeen, Journalists Ecnaligoda and Lasantha Wickremathunga? The EPF frauds amounting to Billions? Why don't they shout about those investigations ? They can't ,  both Yapa and Sumathipala were part of that government for 11 years.
Ravi K has not murdered any one he has acted foolishly in conducting his business. He has been in business for years. The government must watch out from people like a Yapa and Sumithipala . They will be first to run to Rajapaksa against Sirisena when the tide shifts. There are numerous pictures of Yapa in the e media hugging UNP ex general secretary when he crossed over to the Rajapaksa. He would do the same in the future