Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Audio: Ranjan Ramanayaka Has Heart-To-Heart Chat With Weerawansa’s Wife Despite His Self-Righteous Tirades In Public

Ranjan Ramanayaka, Deputy Minister – Social Empowerment, although he has publicly lambasted Wimal Weerawansa (MP) over allegations of fraud and wrongdoing, is quite pally with the Weerawansa family out of the public eye, as evidenced by a leaked tape of a phone conversation with Weerawansa’s wife Sashi, herself accused of obtaining a diplomatic passport after submitting fake documents.
Ranjan Ramanayaka and Sashi Weerawansa
Ramanayaka, a man with a penchant for drama and grandstanding when it comes to corruption while posing off as a man of integrity does not seem to have any issues with Mrs Weerawansa as per this phone conversation.
Sashi Weerawansa, for her part, speaks as though Ramanayaka is a long-standing personal friend who has helped her family on numerous occasions. She also speaks of Minister Rajitha Senaratne‘s wife Sujatha, who she refers to affectionately as ‘Sujatha Akka’.
The conversation is initiated by Ramanayaka who is apparently concerned about disparaging remarks made by Wimal Weerawansa. Mrs Weerawansa pleads ignorance of such remarks but indicates in the conversation that the two (herself and Ramanayaka) are close friends and that she has been communicating with one of Ramanayake’s associates to obtain some information.
It is not certain when this conversation took place or what the file and issue referred to are about.
The following is the English translation of the full conversation:
S: Good morning
R: Good morning
S: How are you?
R: How are you, how are you? Nangi, even yesterday I have been scolded. I tried to settle the issue, but it’s not going to happen. Your husband has said on the page that I am digging for dirt. I can’t do anything when I am attacked like this.
S: Attacked you?
R: Yes. That Ranjan is digging up dirt, that he rushes into temples, saying ‘that Ranja, One-Shot and saying nasty things like that.
S: No, no. We listened to the speeches, there was nothing like that. Did you listen?
R: Yes, I listened. The video was sent to me. I have it with me. That there’s a fellow called Ranjan who crashes into Buddhist institutions and destroys Buddhist rights. I have been scolded without any reason.
S: I haven’t gone and won’t go for meetings, Ayye.
R: Where are you? Are you home?
S: I am in Dehiwala, at my aunty’s place.
R: I called Dr Rajitha [Senaratne] and that a message has been sent to him. But why is he like this?
S: He hasn’t been home in 2-3 days because of the meeting. I didn’t meet him. I don’t know.
R: Where’s that thing you told me about? I will see the lokka today. You didn’t send me the file.
S: So you didn’t answer when I called.
R: Did you call that day? You said.
S: I called you to say that I won’t be able to come but that I will send it. Then I called your production manager, Prageeth. I told him that I will give it to him and asked if he could give it to you. He had tried and tried, he said…
R: Who is Prageeth?
S: The one who is with Sunil T?
R: Ah, yes, the dark guy. I’ll tell Lucky to do it. I will tell Maithri Lokka to sort it out. So what’s new Nangi. Everything is ok now, right?
S. Sujatha Akka called me….Rajitha Ayya’s wife…she said she had told you and that she won’t let anything happen to me. [She said] that it’s with the Attorney General and that nothing can happen. Actually, you have helped me a lot and I am with you. They will resolve it. If there’s anything, I will call you. Regarding this matter [Wimal] I will send him and sms…
R: No, no, no…don’t do that now. He’ll say that I am trying to get you to get him to stop this. I wouldn’t call you for such a thing.
S: Ayye, but they can interpret things in various ways, you know.
R: Ayyo, that’s true, that’s true.
S: That I talk, we met, but I haven’t even posted a photo anywhere.
R: [Laughing] Ah…the one that was taken that day?
S: Yes.
R: Ok, send it to that dark boy. Make sure it gets to me.
S: Yes, it’s very good…as a human being (he/she) is very good. Politics is not important. As a human being (he/she) is a good person. I tell everyone this. Sujatha Akka will call me in a little while. If necessary I will call you Ayya.
R: Right, right, right. I will tell them to collect the file from you.
S: Thank you very much Ayya for calling and helping me. Forgive me if you were hurt in any way. I am not part of all that.
R: Ok. Ok. I’ll tell Lucky to call you.
S: Ok. Budusarani.

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