Saturday, April 29, 2017

No War Against North Korea!

Australia can help resolve existing tensions rather than encouraging a war against North Korea!

by Dr Lionel Bopage-
Lionel Bopage( April 28, 2017, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) The rapid journeys the leaders of the US and Australia executed recently appear to indicate that Donald Trump, Malcolm Turnbull and several other leaders supporting them, may be planning another war in the Korean Peninsula or against Iran; a tried and true policy many of the world’s political leaders have used since time immemorial to cover up their economic failures and the increasing unpopularity.
The main cause for the current tensions in the Korean peninsula is the presence of the US troops in South Korea. Therefore, the easing of tension in the peninsula lies in the withdrawal or reduction of US troops stationed in South Korea and Japan. North Korea rightfully believes that these troops are stationed there to change the regime in the North.
Despite North Korean leaders’ rhetoric and verbal threats, it has not launched any military attacks against a foreign country that I know of. Whereas many nuclear powers in the western camp including the United States have created ground zeros, using their nuclear weapons. At their initiative we have seen many wars for regime change, created or imposed on many foreign countries causing unforeseen devastation and humanitarian catastrophes in those countries. No one can forget the recent regime changes in Iraq and Libya, and the attempted regime change in Syria.
I am not a supporter of the despotic leaders that exist or existed there. I believe any regime change needs to happen internally as a result of mass action by the inhabitants of the country in question, if they are desirous of such action. Regime changes by external forces such as the US and its allies like the UK and Australia, have created the prevailing catastrophic global refugee issue, for which the countries and leaders, who initiated and took part in such regime changes, have neither been held accountable nor taken responsibility for causing such catastrophic situations. A new war in the Korean peninsula will create unforeseen devastation, catastrophe and human displacement, that would be tantamount to another crime against humanity in global history.
At the end of a war the US, Australia and their allies appear to be planning now, the US will remain untouched, just like it did in all the foreign wars it had become embroiled in. North Korea would undoubtedly end up losing a war against the United States. I do not envisage China will come to protect North Korean interests, if Chinese interests are threatened. But South Korea will end up as devastated as North Korea itself.
It is time now for the Australians to demand that Australia should help resolve the existing tensions, rather than encouraging a war against North Korea!