Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rs.1620 million to hold 97 Parliamentary sessions

The Parliament in Sri Lanka has had only 97 sessions for the year 2016 but the expenditure incurred for the sessions is Rs. 1620 million say reports.
Accordingly, the expenditure to hold a Parliamentary session is Rs.16,695,884.57 reveals information released by the information office of parliament. The total expenditure to hold sessions for 2016 is Rs. 1,619,500,803.
It is said that there are 8 departments that are involved in the functioning of the Parliament and the monthly expenditure of the Parliament is said to be Rs. 134,958,400.25.
Despite spending so much public money the viewers who follow Parliamentary sessions on TV could see a lot of empty seats while sessions are being held and much time is wasted when the Speaker has to suspend sessions due to turmoil in Parliament.