Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stop pageants; find real solutions for dengue – Women for Rights

May 17, 2017

‘Women for Rights’ emphasized that the government should implement a long term practical programme in which all masses could participate instead of holding pageants on the pretext of eliminating dengue. This was stated at a press conference held by Women for Rights today (17th) morning.

The Asst. Secretary of ‘Women for Rights’ Attorney at Law Shanika Silva, Treasurer Kanthi Hettigoda, Executive Member Prabhashini were present.
The General Secretary of ‘Women for Rights’ Samanmali Gunasinghe speaking further said, “Dengue has terrorized the whole country. It has spread so widely even a person who suffers from ordinary fever is scared of having dengue.” She said 45,000 dengue patients have been recorded during the last five months and 115 of them have died.

She pointed out that the number of patients in 2014 was 33,000 and in 2015 it increased to 40,000. In 2016 the number of dengue patients increased to 64,000 and during the first 5 months of this year the number of patients recorded is 45,000. She said the numbers indicate the gravity of the issue.

Ms. Gunasinghe said naming a month or three months as a dengue eliminating period would not eradicate dengue from the island and said a long term programme should be adopted with an institute to carry out the programme. She said the public should be made aware of the preventing methods and the awareness programme should be carried out from pre-school level and should be implemented in schools, homes, villages and towns

She said a research center to carry out research regarding dengue related issues and the government should implement a programme to develop a biological control agent or a virus that would destroy dengue mosquito.

She pointed out there is congestion in government hospitals as two to three patients are put on each bed in wards. She said patients are even put under the beds and pointed out that the health minister of the government that doesn’t give the needed facilities for patients, runs to Singapore to get treatment even for a minor ailment.