Tuesday, June 20, 2017

CAA has wasted over Rs.13,000 million as office rent

CAA has wasted over Rs.13,000 million as office rent
Jun 19, 2017

 Following years of delay, arrangements are made to build an office for Civil Aviation Authority Naikanda, Katunayake. For the past 15 years the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has used over Rs. 13,000 million of its revenue to pay the rent of the current building holding its office, according to internal sources. The current building is owned by a close associate of the CAA chairman, the sources confirmed.

After inquiring in to the situation, Transport and Civil Aviation Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva had given the directives to make necessary arrangements to buy a land to build an office for the CAA. If the constructions started at least one and half years ago, four floors would have been completed, said the employees while commenting about the actions of their top management.
While paying a monthly rental of Rs. 6 million, the CAA has been successful in earning profitable revenue, being able to pay the Treasury Rs. 700 million on several occasions. Despite the financial capability the top management of the CAA has not been interested in building a permanent office which would have been more economical.