Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hindu extremism to the rescue of Buddhist extremism

Hindu extremism to the rescue of Buddhist extremism
Jun 20, 2017

According to Buddhism, everyone in the world is equal and a particular group is not inferior to another due to their race, religion, language or caste. Actions only determine a person’s superiority or inferiority.

hindu mahasabaHowever, extremist groups that vow to commit their lives for Buddhism and their leaders say Sinhalese are superior, Buddhists are superior. All those who were born in the Sri Lankan land, but are not Sinhalese and Buddhists are the ones who do evil for the Sinhala nation and Buddhism.
The double-standards of these Buddhist extremist groups is that they show their muscle power to the average Hindus and Muslims and at the same time have links with extremist groups in those religions. 
The Hindu Maha Sabha Lokantric, a political party with Hindu extremists, has sent a letter to the Indian central government’s home affairs minister, asking for intervention to save Bodu Bala Sena general secretary Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thera, who is evading courts. The chairman of the party says warrants have been issued for Gnanasara Thera’s arrest at the insistence of Muslim ministers in the Sri Lankan government. Its letter says the Thera is in danger of getting arrested over his activities against Muslim extremists. 
Both these extremist groups have made friends with the enemies of their common enemy. Everybody knows well the history of Hindu extremist acts against Buddhists of India. Buddhist extremist actions against Lankan Hindus have not widespread yet because Buddhist extremist organizations have made Muslims their common enemy.
Anyway, Buddhist extremists will not hesitate to obtain the support of Muslim extremists to unleash violence against the Hindus, in accordance with the theory of making friends with the enemies of their common enemy. That is why extremism should be defeated despite in whatever form and from whatever side it comes from.