Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Muslim-Owned Shop Torched In Wijerama

Another Muslim-owned shop in Wijerama, Nugegoda has been petrol bombed at 1 AM on June 6th. While the police have deployed 4 teams to arrest Galagoda Atte Gnanasra, this is the 5th big shop that has been set on fire.
“Fortunately, the shop owners have adopted a genius fire protection system by filling water in to plastic bottles behind the front door so that if petrol bombs are throw, the plastic bottle will burst and the fire would be doused.” a ship owner in Wijerama told Colombo Telegraph.
Speaking to Colombo Telegraph, a member of the Muslim Council said: “While the President is talking about discussions among religious leaders to resolve ethnic conflicts, the Muslim economy is being set on fire on a daily basis. The president must immediately order the arrest of these arsonist or force the IGP to resign if he cannot do his job.”
The following is a documentation of the violence against Muslims during the last 5 weeks:
1 16th April, 2017 – Petrol Bombs thrown at shops in Godapitiya
Four shops owned by Muslims were attacked with petrol Bombs in Godapitiya, Porruva,. This incident went unreported due to the pressure brought in by the local police. This was not even reported in the social media by local residents, fearing further police intimidation. Even after a month, the police have still not been able to investigate and apprehend the perpetrators of this act of violence.
20th April, 2017 – Land Grab at Irrakamam in Mayakkali
2  1/2 Acres of Muslim land was forcible taken over in Irrakamam in Mayakkali. No police action has been taken even after complaints have been lodged.
25th April 2017 – Incitement by Ven. Gnanasara Thero in Irrakamam.
Ven. Gnanasara thero visited Irrakamam and made a very provocative speech violating his bail conditions. Police complaints have been made and no action has been taken up to todate.

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