Friday, June 30, 2017

The double R Reconciliation and Rhetoric

  • If Yahapalana Government is serious about reconciliation, the first decision should be to work towards a new social ideology in the Sinhala South 
  • Why ‘reconciliation’ is just another fraud under this Yahapalana Government  
“Today, words like ‘progress’ and ‘development’ have become interchangeable with economic ‘reforms’, ‘deregulation’ and ‘privatisation’. ‘Freedom’ has come to mean ‘choice’…… This theft of language, this technique of usurping words and deploying them like weapons, of using them to mask intent and to mean exactly the opposite of what they have traditionally meant, has been one of the most brilliant strategic victories of the tsars of the new dispensation. It has allowed them to marginalise their detractors, deprive them of a language in which to voice their critique and dismiss them as being ‘anti-progress’, ‘anti-development’, ‘anti-reform’ and of course ‘anti-national’-negativists of the worst sort.” [Arundhati Roy – Outlook India / 3 July, 2009]