Friday, July 28, 2017

Anti-Corruption: Remove the tarnished from office

by Arthur Perera-
( July 28, 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Let us congratulate and thank Anika Wijesuriya on her admirable civic sense to expose the wolves in sheep’s clothing. The nation changed a set of rulers accused of massive corruption, placing a lot of trust in those who took over, and if this is what we got it’s a crying shame.
My mind goes to the beneficiary of this largesse as he constantly proclaimed that billions had been robbed by the previous regime and that it was his intention to recover and put the money back to the national kitty. In the same breath, I do off my hat to the President for not caving into pressure and appointing a Special Presidential Commission to probe mega corruption that dismantled the good name of a much-respected institution
Anika Wijesuriya
As a respected ex-Deputy Governor of the Central Bank has said, the damage done by the BOND blast was worse than the BOMB blast to the institution. Its image both nationally and internationally today is beyond repair. The President should initiate action to prosecute all those found guilty and it’s for the Judiciary to apply the laws of the land.
The person figuring in this saga has no moral right to continue in his present position anymore, and it goes without saying that the leader should remove him if he is to salvage his already tarnished image.
Since it has now been revealed that the property at issue has been purchased for Rs. 165 million, the country would like to know what value the notarial document carried. It goes without saying Inland Revenue too will be able to enlighten the Commission on taxes paid. The next step would be to recover the correct stamp duty, and also take action against the black coat that blessed the deal if it can be proved that there has been a fraud.
What a shame that we have to live with corrupt politicians of all hues who make the poor poorer, and live in clover on their pangs of hunger.