Saturday, July 22, 2017

Mahinda-Dinesh - ‘cat is out of the bag’

Mahinda-Dinesh - ‘cat is out of the bag’
Jul 21, 2017

It appears that the old adage ‘cat is out of the bag’ needs to be rewritten when it comes to Mahinda Rajapaksa and his die-hard loyalist Dinesh Gunawardena. That is because what had happened earlier this month.
The presidential commission investigating serious acts of corruption summoned the former water supply minister for a hearing at the BMICH 10.00 am on July 10.
At 9.50 am, a special person came there uninvited, to the surprise of all, because the commission had not sent summons to him. He was Mahinda Rajapaksa himself. Going to him, commission officials inquired from him respectfully as to why he had come.
“No. No. You have summoned our Dinesh. I came to give him some morale,” Mahinda told them. Then, he seated himself, and swinging his legs as usual, told the onlookers, “This fellow is late. It seems I am the accused. Anyway, this fellow is in trouble because he did what we told him to do. So, at least I should come and sit like this.”
It was Lanka News Web that exposed several frauds by Dinesh as the water supply minister.