Friday, July 21, 2017

Weliamuna’s frank take on the state of the Judiciary

Untitled-1Thursday, 20 July 2017

logoJ.C. Weliamuna, President’s Counsel, Eisenhower Fellow, former Member of the Transparency International Global Board, and Constitutional Law practitioner in Supreme Court for over 28 years, in an interview with the Daily FT shares a frank inside view into the status of the Judicial organ of the State today. Following

are excerpts:
Q: How do you measure the Judiciary after 8 January 2015?

A: Major positive changes took place, taking the Judiciary out of the clutches of the politicians. Despite political interference under the last regime, many judges in all courts acted independently but maybe not all. External interference appears to have vanished. All judges are now at liberty to give decisions without external interference. Analysis of judgements and orders given in politically sensitive cases will bear testimony to it. No doubt there are areas to improve without which the Judiciary cannot deliver, most of which are structural.