Sunday, August 6, 2017

My Dear Onella

Even though it is admirable that you took it upon yourself to be the savior of your beleaguered family, you have failed miserably in your attempt to whitewash a man that is clearly beyond redemption. As a daughter I do feel for you but as a citizen of this beautiful country, I am shocked and amazed how you and your father both think that the voters of this country are imbeciles. Let me elaborate to you why I came into this conclusion .
Onella Karunanayake
You have mentioned in your statement that your Father is a “Fall man” used by vested parties. Let me first give you the definition of a “Fall guy” as per the oxford dictionary and I quote “Fall guy is a colloquial phrase that refers to a person to whom blame is deliberately and falsely attributed in order to deflect blame from another party”. I would now like to ask you who the “other party ” is ? Are they not the same people who belong to your father’s esteemed United National Party or are you referring to the President who is also the head of the rainbow coalition your father helped place on the map.
You have also said and I quote “Does everyone really believe for the last couple of years everything in the government is just one man and that we have been getting hit cause we deserve it or that maybe there is a pattern to this madness now?”. What you are trying to sordidly imply is that this government that the poor people of this country brought to power has many unsavory accusations and your father is the one getting “hit” and singled out. Has power made you lose every fragment of common sense you have left? Just because others steal and don’t get caught, it’s absurd that you are hurt that it is your father who couldn’t cover up his tracks !
You speak so highly about freedom of speech and how it is been abused but do you really expect the people of this country to watch and wait while you and your family live in an apartment which was paid for by the orchestrator of the biggest Scam this country has ever seeing ? Have you never heard of the term “conflict of interest” ? What is even more shocking is the statement your father made at the Commision making you and your mother scapegoats to this disgraceful and pathetic episode. Are you really telling me that you and your mother did not know that Arjun Aloysius was under investigation? Did you not know that he was the son in law of the governor of the Central Bank? Did you not think that if this was going to come out, that your father would have to resign? If you did not know any of these things, I suggest you attend classes to help and rehabilitate pathological liars.
You and your family are classic examples of what “nepotism” really is. You have stolen or watched your father steal and plunder what belongs to our people. You have tried shamelessly to whitewash a man that you know is corrupt, a man that blamed the Rajapaksas for every fart they made while living in luxury in a Penthouse paid for by cash that was robbed from us, the people.

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