Thursday, July 12, 2018



It seems that no matter, who writes or how often we talk about the various happenings and shortcomings and abuses in this country of ours, there is never an end to what goes on!!! Murder, rape, money laundering, travesties of justice, dictators openly challenging, and worst of all, Minister Samaraweera saying “There must be a Rule of Law even for criminals”!!! What does he mean by EVEN FOR CRIMINALS?!!! Criminals ARE THE ONES WHO SHOULD HAVE THE MOST STRINGENT RULE OF LAW APPLIED TO THEM!!!

I read and quote “We live in a time that core values of the Profession are being threatened. As a result, the whole climate of opinion has become hostile to the legal profession.” This is the LEGAL PROFESSION we are talking about!!! We have highlighted many instances of neglect and crass disregard in the Legal Profession but to absolutely no avail!!! The incident I once spoke about a poor man who has been going to Court for 20 YEARS NOW, 20 YEARS, FOR A LAND CASE, THAT IS STILL NOT RESOLVED!!! WHO GAINS FROM THIS, THE LAWYER AND HOW MANY OTHERS, WE WONDER!!! HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO WRITE ABOUT THESE NUMEROUS ATROCITIES???

We hear that a 15-year-old girl, daughter of a billionaire, has been abducted and raped!!! The 10 suspects responsible for the leopard killing have only been remanded!!! Brothels are operational with no licence, the Police have nothing to say, over to you Mr IGP!!! 

Now we are looking at cash and jewellery heists, doping and drug trafficking on the increase, but most outrageous of all I am told are the demands made by the Buddhist clergy NOW to preach Bana and attend a Dana, apparently you are being told how much for the senior priests and how much for the juniors!!! This is not all though, in some cases, you are even given the menu!!!

Lord Buddha must be regretting the day he brought Buddhism to Sri Lanka!!! Is there anything we can do right in this country??? When it comes to sports, we cannot even play a game right, but resort to ball tampering!!! What has happened to our self-respect, have we no shame, is this really the paucity of our nation???


HITLER? These days there is a lot of talk about HITLER!!! We are certainly not happy nor do we condone what HITLER did but there was an underlying reason for it, he did what he did for his own country and people!!! Nevertheless, we condemn what he did!!! Forget about HITLER for the time being; let’s take a look at our local HITLERS, who consider themselves HEROES!!! After we won freedom the leaders we had then in the Senanayake, Kotelawala regimes and other gentlemen of stature made this country the paradise IT WAS!!! Our country subsequently fell into the hands of rogues, who ruled the country for their own benefit!!! One Government after another but all with the same purpose!!! The modus operandi was different but the end result was always the same, API, API, API ONLY, THE COUNTRY IS OF NO CONSEQUENCE!!! ARE YOU NOT WORSE THAN HITLER THEN??? What happened to the ECONOMY, EDUCATION, HEALTH, THE RULE OF LAW AND OTHER ISSUES??? Do the people of this country have a proper lifestyle??? NO!!! The politicians did away with it, they slaughtered that also!!! HITLER loaded trains for Nuremberg, the people of Sri Lanka are now being taken silently and slowly on the same road!!! HITLER did what he did FOR his country and FOR his people, YOU ARE DOING THIS WRONG TO YOUR COUNTRY AND TO YOUR PEOPLE!!!


From the time the ordinary people in this country wake up their thoughts are, how are we going to live, how are we going to get through this day??? YOU POLITICIANS are leading lives of luxury, driving around in luxury vehicles, your wives wear diamond rings and your mistresses drive super vehicles, you eat only the best of food, your children are educated abroad, expensive weddings for your children, medical attention at the best of hospitals, ALL THIS FROM THE POOR MAN’S MONEY THAT YOU COLLECT IN TAXES ISN’T IT??? THEREFORE, YOU ARE WORSE, MUCH WORSE THAN HITLER!!! WHY DON’T YOU COME AND LIVE AMONG THE PEOPLE AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES WHAT THEIR LIVES ARE REALLY LIKE??? When you leave your homes to go to Parliament, take a mirror with you and look at it on the way!!! You will see Hitler complete with a moustache and all!!! The poor children of this country can’t afford the money to go to a local school because the money demanded is so high and our Minister of Education has done nothing about it!!! Our politicians send their children to foreign schools!!! A poor man cannot find the money to buy clothes for his wife and children but it is in this same country that the politicians are giving their wives diamond rings!!! In this country, the poor man has to pawn everything he has to give his sons or daughters in marriage; while the politicians use only the NEW 5 STAR HOTELS TO GIVE THEIR CHILDREN IN MARRIAGE!!! NO EXPENSE IS TOO GREAT!!! Most often the poor man has no money to go to a pharmacy and buy the medicine he desperately needs but the politicians of this country fly to Singapore and America for their treatment!!! The poor man sometimes cannot afford to even put the gasoline and oil he needs into his motorbike; but all of you roam around in your BMWs, BENZ, Audis and other luxury vehicles!!! The salaries the poor people get today are MEAGRE, TOTALLY INSUFFICIENT TO LIVE ON OR PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE FOR THEIR CHILDREN, BUT YOU GUYS WINE AND DINE IN PLUSH 5 STAR HOTELS!!! AREN’T ALL OF YOU SHAMELESS PEOPLE, EVEN WORSE THAN WHAT HITLER WAS???

   The late Sir John Kotelawala was a man who practised what he preached and was a well-known pleasure seeker but didn’t swindle the people of this country for his personal benefit!!! He was a Minister for 23 years and Prime Minister for 3 ½ years. When he lost the general elections in 1956, he knew it was time to quit, not hanging on unlike our politicians of today are doing, even when they are defeated!!! Sir John and his father before him lived a good life but certainly not at the expense of the citizens of Ceylon!!! When Sir John reached 61 years, his advice to the other politicians was and I quote:

“Fitting in an imprecise proverbial saying, ‘there is no fool like an old fool’ he once affirmed his belief, “No man should be called upon to undertake an active part in the affairs of his country once he has passed 65, because ‘there is no fool like an old fool!!! All the old fools of this regime would do well to let the young ones do what the old ones are no longer capable of doing!!! Let the young ones take over, they are capable, smart and savvy!!! If the young ones are given a chance now, at least this country will not become ‘A CHINESE TAKE AWAY’ AS IT IS BEING DUBBED TODAY!!! SADLY, HOWEVER, WE ARE TOLD IT HAS ALREADY BEEN TAKEN!!!